Course title :  Level 7 Certificate in Healthcare Management  |  Credits :  30  |  Course code :  L7-CHCM-ATHE
The Level 7 Certificate in Healthcare Management is a 30 credit qualification. Learners must complete two of the three units to achieve a minimum of 30 credits.


This qualification includes a solid base of organisational behaviour understanding which is important for all managers and covers the individual behaviour, structures and cultures that help to motivate and organise staff.

Why Online ?

  • Cost effective - Typically UK diploma starts from GBP £3000 per annum, but with online study, you can enjoy saving more than 60% on your educational investment.
  • Practical Content - The coursework is immediately applicable to the careers, and you can earn long-term gains including increase in salary and promotions
  • Study anytime, anywhere - You don't have to attend a College campus, so you can study from anywhere in the world. The online delivery enables you to download the lecture notes, submit assignments wherever you are.
  • Assessments - Assessment is via assignment submission

Who is this course for?

The Certificate in Healthcare Management course is ideally suited for those breaking into the profession as well as those seeking to advance their careers also ideal for senior healthcare managers, and covers upper level management topics. Successful completion of the Certificate in Healthcare Management equips students with the necessary skills to effectively leading change within a health care organisation.

Career path

Students who complete this qualification can progress to the Level 7 qualifications e.g Level 7 Diploma in HealthCare Management.


The programme is available in 2 duration modes:

    • 6 months
    • 9 months
Entry Requirements

In order to apply you should have either:

    • This qualification is designed for learners who are typically aged 19 and above OR;
    • A first degree in a healthcare related subject Or A level 6 qualification, for example Diploma in Healthcare Management Or Other equivalent international qualifications
Course Content
    Optional Units
    - Organisational Behavior
    - Manage Continuous Organisational Improvement
    - Developing Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction

Assessment is via assignment submission

Fee Structure

The fee for the programme is as follows:

    • 6 months - Accelerated mode @ GBP £1250
    • 9 months - Standard mode @ GBP £950
Fee payment plans

The programme offers following fee payment plans:

    6 months programme
    • Payment option (a): GBP £416 x 3 monthly instalments
    • Payment option (b): GBP £1187.50 x 1 instalment

    9 months programme
    • Payment option (c): GBP £190 x 5 monthly instalments
    • Payment option (d): GBP £475 x 2 quarterly instalments
    • Payment option (e): GBP £902.50 x 1 instalment

The qualification is delivered by London School of International Business (LSIB) and it is awarded by ATHE, an Ofqual-regulated Awarding Body. All of the qualifications are listed on the Ofqual register.

How to apply?

Simply follow the 2 steps given below to apply:
1. Fill application form on-line at
2. Pay application fee of GBP £10
(This can be paid online using credit or debit card)

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